Mail order Report

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 Executive summary 

A mail order company which prefers to stay anonymous asked our service about the possibilities of improvement concerning product sales, time delivery or payment.They really want to expand their offer and improve the points on which people have problems. 


This report will look at:

  • Number of people who use mail order services
  • Kind of products they buy and their frequency of purchase
  • Reasons why some people do not use mail order services
  • Customers feelings about mail order services
  • Age and Sex to know the sample


The online survey of 26 adults over age 23 was conducted Oct. 18. 61.5% of respondents are female, and most of them are students. The mail order survey shows that 52% use mail order service. 72.7% of respondents buy clothes, 45.5% buy CDs.In general, people said that mail order is practical. The low score for safety reflects the feeling that people do not feel confident with online payment. In fact, 45% of respondents think that mail order service is practical and at the same time, 35% of respondents think that mail order is not safe, they put the worse mark for this adjective.Concerning other people who do not use mail order, they represent 48% of respondents. The main reason is the fact that they can’t handle the product. Indeed, handling the product is a very important element in 88.6% of consumers buying decisions. However, 35.3% of them are willing to try mail order.The use of mail order has increased in the last 3 years, and this survey shows that people buy by mail order every two or three months. 28.6% of respondents buy by mail order every two months, and 28.6% buy every three months. 


We can say that the main problem in customer feelings are the unsafe payment, and the fact that they can’t handle the product. 


To improve the service, we have to concentrate on these two obstacles.About payment, we can accentuate the care taken for this problem, and concerning the fact that people can’t handle the product, we can establish an option which allows customers to return the product when it doesn’t correspond to theirs expectations.


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